The "Hole" Story

     Three days before Christmas while taking the artificial tree upstairs from my basement I heard my daughter scream. I dropped the tree, ran up the stairs to find her limping and holding her knee.  She explained to me in great detail how she scraped her knee while running and playing.  Like a parental superhero I scooped her up in my arms and with great surgical precision (being a doctor and all) I took her into the bathroom washed off the scrape, applied medication, and bandaged the injury.  Completely healed she jumped down and ran out of the bathroom to play once again.  Alas, all of my years of medical training had paid off.

     When my wife came running to see what had just occurred, I explained what happened and stated all was well. This would have been the end of the story however as she turned and looked downstairs, she pointed and gasped. The stem of the artificial tree had harpooned the drywall at the bottom of the stairs. Being a full blooded American male I did what any homeowner would do.  I yanked it out from the wall creating an even bigger hole.

     Having no experience, tools, or mechanical ability to deal with this problem and in an attempt to do something, I ran into the garage to get the only thing I knew could help. I got my large bucket of drywall compound, which to my surprise was as dry as the desert and as hard as a rock. What does a person do faced with this problem three days before Christmas?   …….  Call a professional.

     Over the next two weeks, I learned what a time consuming, multistep, annoying repair process was involved in fixing one little hole.  In addition to the expense, which exceeded $250.00, the time was just ridiculous.  Hours of work and repeat visits over several days to fix one hole….

     It was right about then when I had the Eureka moment.

  • Hole in the leg – Hole in the wall
  • Medicine on the leg- Medicine on the wall
  • Bandage on the leg - Bandage on the wall

     How I could I invent this product.  

     This was a problem that every homeowner and every repair professional would face. 

     Today, the product you see on this site is the result of years of medical training and a little old fashioned common sense.  I hope you can save a lot time and money thanks to my daughter.

     Yes Virginia, there really is a Wall Doctor.

     Happy holidays!